Narrative of Registrar Surgeical Training

I have over 10 years of general surgical training, including 3 years of Vascular surgery, with the last three years being in Specialist colorectal posts.

I have worked in numerous places during my training, starting in the republic of Ireland where I graduated. I moved to the UK in 2003 and started my higher surgical training in East Anglia.

I worked in Auckland, New Zealand as a colorectal fellow. I was working as a surgeon under training which is equivalent to a first year consultant post in the NHS.

I provided clinical leadership, management, and took full responsibility for patients under my care. I had full collegial support and advice available in the unit. I ran elective and emergency operating sessions, providing laparoscopic and open surgical service with enhanced recovery.

I also provided advice and help to other colleagues from other specialties in general surgery, gynaecology, and urology. I had on many occasions taken over colorectal cases that needed urgent intervention from other specialties. I had in some occasions taken the gynaecology registrars through perineal repairs for third and fourth degree tears.

During my higher surgical training; I had supervised endoscopic training almost every year.

For the last year I have concentrated on consolidating my endoscopic skills and became proficient in performing polypectomy and other interventional procedures including, tattooing, dye spray, and mucosal lifts. I have JAG accreditation.Narrative of Registrar Surgeical Training.